The Issues Part 3

Arizona could, and should, be the renewable energy capital of the Country. This makes economic, environmental and practical sense.

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The only realistic way to regain control of our borders is to:
(1) fund stronger enforcement at the border; and
(2) put a program into place that encourages undocumented aliens currently in this Country to register as “guest workers.”

Secure the Border
No immigration policy will work unless and until the border is secure. This is a matter of national security. This means increased funding for the Border Patrol, using state – of – the – art technology against illegal immigration, and increasing enforcement against employers who hire undocumented workers.

Earned Legalization Program
There should be no amnesty but a means for some undocumented workers to earn the privilege of American citizenship. As a practical matter, we simply cannot round up and deport 12 million people who are not here legally. The cost of deportation would be an estimated $123 billion and would make America an un – American country by disrupting communities and businesses, and uprooting and splitting up families. To earn legal status, immigrants would have to work, pay taxes, learn English, obey our laws, and pay a penalty for violating the law. Completing the process would take several years.

Before we proceed discussing the Dream Act I would like to digress and thank everyone for the suprise birthday party you threw me including that Skype call from my friend. Remind me to utilize her real estate expertise when we decide to tackle that thorny industry, which is plagued with many issues. She is well known in Australia and has seen many of the same problems in that market place that we are now experiencing in the US.

Meanwhile, I truly appreciated every birthday gift that was skillfully tuck away in various hidden places in my office. Of course that birthday gift basket certainly made a statement there on my desk. I have frequently sent gift baskets for various occasions to family and friends. But that birthday gift basket with its personalized engraved, silver – plated hang tag was over the top. All my staffers shared in tasting the savory crackers and cheeses, smoked salmon, along with the delightful Istro Cabernet Sauvignon and Cress Zinfandel. The toffee peanuts, Godiva milk chocolate bars, and Moravian chocolate dipped spice cookies certainly more than satisfied our sweet tooth. I think I will asked Santa to deliver a Holiday gift basket to all you folks next winter. Thanks again.

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