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Wow, writing is really easy when you have a system like mine. Give me a topic, any topic, and I’ll write about movies. Not even particularly high-quality and/or relevant movies, just the basic mainstream pop culture crap that every junior high school student and Midwestern soccer mom knows.

I’ve just finished up a marathon weekend viewing movies made in and about Australia. Last week I was on Skype with my Aunt Faye and she was telling me about her being the main guest speaker at what is called in Australia “First Ladies Luncheon”. These events bring together women and are all about networking in the business community. She said it was fun and was quite impressed with the sign as she entered the meeting and showed a slide show of her accomplishments. She said there was even a post online about the event. Anyway, it got me thinking about Australia and movies, thus the marathon weekend of Australian movies!

And of course, if you are looking all around you, you’ll see the breathtaking views of Australia. You will witness wilds of the outback, contrasted with the city lights and beautiful architecture, churches galore and so many very very old, very very beautiful things. As a previous colony of England, royalty is always present in many respects in this land, and you can feel it everywhere. So breathtaking you can almost imagine little princesses in sparkley princess dresses all around you… The princes are there as well, and the king and the queen – somehow though, it’s the princesses that rule the fashion. Every young girl has dreams of being a princess. Royalty be damned.

I’ve still got my job and have been using it to finance my web excursions and online purchases when the need arises. Recently I bought my wife a new winter jacket. A friend had told me about Osito fleece jackets for women so I check out The Northface company that manufactures them. I liked the company’s sustainable, green philosophy, along with their cutting edge technology. Aside from the price, which seems really reasonable, this jacket can be worn in at least three seasons of the year where we live. My wife can wear her Ositio jacket during milder days on its own or layered with a waterproof jacket or thicker coat for colder or wetter days. And the choice of colors is outstanding ranging from a hot pink, lemon yellow, aqua, and orange to the more neutral greys, white, and black. Since The Northface Company gets input from a number of world class athletes who are on expeditions around the world which in turn helps the Northface designers and technicians to push the limits of their outdoor apparel and equipment design and technology.

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